In ur lakez drinkin’ ur beerz

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The camping crew (minus Ali!), originally uploaded by Aubs.

Our trusty crew of six (Cute Ali isn’t pictured as she’s the photographer of this stellar shot) headed up to Clearlake State Park this past weekend for some much needed R&R. To recap:

1. Clearlake State Park is NOT the same as Bothe State Park, where I had thought we were going and printed out directions to. They’re not even in the same vicinity. Luckily, observant Manlio caught this early in the “4 1/2 hour-but-should-have-been-2 1/2-hour” journey so we didn’t have to detour. We DID, however, have to stop for McDonalds french fries since 330 calories doesn’t hold me over until 7:30pm. Shocking, I know.
2. We went up a mountain.
3. We went down a mountain.
4. Nobody got carsick. This was amazing, given my driving.
5. You do not need a boating license in the state of California to operate a 19′ Sea Ray. You SHOULD, however, inform people of the amount of seaweed in the lake prior to renting said watercraft.
6. Burgers – ok, ANYTHING – cooked over a fire pit taste exponentially better than things that don’t.

The rest of the weekend may be detailed by others (Daisy? Your turn…) but in the meantime, I have to admit that being disconnected to the digital world was nothing less than thrilling. I definitely need to do it more often.

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