I know I’ve been stressed as of late – shocking, I know! – but I didn’t realize the extent of it until this evening. I headed out to a new bar that has a Skee-ball machine (I. LOVE. SKEE-BALL! Sadly, ’twas broken.) and met up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Anyway, one of these friends – who are actually acquaintances that I really like or rather friends of friends thus friends by proxy – is known for his compliments. He is always really kind and ends up complimenting you on something that a guy normally doesn’t. Like, "That dress really brings out the blue in your eyes" or "Wow, you look like you’ve lost weight." So this evening, when he told me that I look "thin" (in response to me saying I’ve been under quite a bit of stress lately) I replied, "Thanks, I wish…I don’t feel thin at all, but that’s nice!" His response? "No, not thin like that, like thin. Weary. Worn thin. Yeah, gaunt and tired and worn thin."


I know he meant the best and by no means did I take offense to it; in fact, it’s just the justification of what I already knew: I’m looking haggard as of late. Is *THIS* what they say about people aging due to stress? If so, it’s time to get off this stresstrain. Conductor, where’s the next stop?

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