Aublog: (NOT a) Blog?

I’ve long struggled with calling my website(s) a blog, since I started writing online before the term was universally coined and Six Apart and Pyra came on the scene and made this whole phenomenon a phenomenon. My website, you see, was started as a craft when I had downtime at a former job, and using my mad Dreamweaver skillzzz (that no longer exist), I painfully hand-coded the first iteration of, my eponymously (and uncreatively) named site that’s been around for – OMG can you believe it – OVER SEVEN YEARS. I’ve also had various taglines – "Thoughts and whatnot", "becoming less jaded every day", "looking for love in all the wrong places", and "a work in progress", to name a few (all true) subtitles – and despite the design atrocities, I must say that I’m actually pretty proud of my older posts and often lament the disintegration of my brain throughout the last few years, blaming it solely on aspertame or jackass guys sucking the life out of me. Often both.


I used to read a lot of blogs religiously – Dooce, HelenJane, and QueSeraSera, of course – and now and again I’d throw in a few others for good nature. These awesome ladies started writing around the same time that I did (actually, a bit earlier) but they were my inspiration to have a site at all, my muses in this whole newfangled weblog land o’ the Internets. Years later, both HelenJane and Sarah Brown (of QueSeraSera fame) are dear friends whose opinions I not only trust, but rely upon, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I still have a teensie-eensie gal crush on Heather Armstrong who I’ve met casually a few times and did my best not to make too big of an ass of myself in front of the Queen of Blogs herself. Aaah, the Internets, making pseudo-celebs out of the best of us. Yet over the past few years, either despite of or because of the insanity of work, my blog reading was more of a commuting activity, catching up on the Goog shuttle or (these days) while inwardly cursing all of the crazies on MUNI while trolling my Blackberry-now-iPhone. As such, I found myself having a hard time keeping up with my reading and once behind, it fell out of my daily must-do list.

And then I found NetNewsWire and now, the new Bloglines Beta, and oh glories of glory, I feel like I just arrived late at an awesomeness convention bearing some lukewarm baked beans, crying out to the popular kids that "I’m here! And I come bearing gifts!" Or something like that. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve returned to the land of the must-do’s, the must-reads, and along the way I found awesome new inspiring lady-blogger-friends like Ariel! and LeahPeah! and JenB! and Lisa from AGirlandaBoy! and OMG, I can’t wait to have this uber-rad real-life sleepover where we can french braid each other’s hair and burn pillsbury cookies only to eat the cookie dough instead and re-enact our extremely talented "Cold Hearted Snake" dance that began in a sleeping bag because of THE IMAGERY, you know, OF THE SNAKE? The COLD HEARTED ONE? So creative, we were.

So these gals, who I often refer to as "The League of Awesomeness", inspire me to post more frequently and I’m trying to do so. I think I’ve been averse to it because I want never wanted to be that person who was all "I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch today and they forgot the avocado and now I am doing my TPS reports and I’m going to bed at 10pm tonight" even if yep, that’s all I had to say. I think I equated bloggers with train-of-thought, mundane daily activity-listers and I honestly think it’s semantics at this point since, yes, there are many a blogger who finds their pocket fuzz completely compelling but the good ones, the ones in The League of Awesomeness, even if they DID post about their pocket fuzz, I SOOO would favorite it and Twitter and Pownce it out because these gals, they can make their pocket fuzz the most interesting, hilarious, compelling stuff ever. Yep. Really.

Of course, they’re not my only inspiration…my friend Daisy – who I always refer to as "a real writer" since she’s WRITTEN A BOOK – has her blog that puts mine to shame, and from her I just discovered her friends’ Hannah and Mamie’s new blog and I’ll tell ya, I had some self-deprecating moments yesterday as I compared my chickenscratch posts to their eloquence and hilarity. (Sure, there’s TWO of them and only one lil’ ol’ me, but still. Those gals can WRITE). And of course this got me thinking that perhaps I should go to graduate school too (they all met at the Creative Writing Master’s program at UNC-W) and then I instantly negated that thought since really, I’d be 34 when I was finished and you know what they call a 34-year-old single lady in North Carolina? Good as dead. (I wish I was kidding).

Where am I going with this? Again, long-winded me is trying to say that I need to write on here more often, not for any other reason than I want to and I think it will improve my writing and really, I’m probably a bit too hard on myself since that’s kind of my (unintentional) MO as of late. And while I can’t promise prose equal – or even similar – to those in The League of Awesomeness, I can certainly pledge to never, EVER post about turkey sandwiches.

Because really, I kind of hate turkey sandwiches. Pocket fuzz, on the other hand, well, you’ll just have to wait and read…

3 thoughts on “Aublog: (NOT a) Blog?

  1. Aubrey, in my MFA program we had quite a few peeps WAY OLDER than 34…I have no doubt that you actually would fit in and do well.
    My motto is it’s never too late to go back to school.
    I suppose that’s why I haven’t really left…

  2. I wish someone would french braid my hair! I totally can’t do it. I will be in CA in February. details to follow. I have been reading you every time you update since we got back, you are on my bloglines baby! As for Haggard, well, you are beautiful, no matter. But perhaps a couple naps? I dunno, but take care of yourself.

  3. Your misgivings aside, I personally think you write really well!
    And to make a more informed decision, I just spent the last hour reading some of the blogs you recommended (thanks for the excuse to procrastinate – as if I needed it!) and the conclusion I’ve come to?
    Well, again, I think you write wonderfully 🙂
    Have a great trip to SB, sounds like it’ll be a welcome respite.
    Ciao ciao,
    – F

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