SoCal Bound





                Santa Barbara Riviera






With the holiday approaching, I found that I hadn’t made any plans. Like, NONE. ZIP. ZILCH. My weekend was looming ahead and proved to be about as exciting as your great-aunt once removed’s funeral. I’ve already finished fixing up my house (save for the installation of two ceiling fans) and with the exception of Jordan’s BBQ, I had nothing to look forward to. Even my LAUNDRY was done. See? BO-RING.

Yet after the past few weeks, I’ve found myself greatly needing some R&R and while Casa de Sabala avec une menagerie is seriously a happenin’ place, I wanted more. And then it occurred to me: my friend – and college roommate – Kim lives in Santa Barbara, a mere hop, skip and jump from our lil’ City by the Bay. Perhaps SHE would want a visitor.

And you know what? She did!

Turns out I had already requested tomorrow off (um, who knew!?) so alas, I’m scooping up Miss Lila Belle and she and I are road trippin’ down south. I’ve never been to Santa Barbara and while the weather here is FINALLY nice (only took 8 months) I look forward to a lazy weekend with beach trips and lots of walking and lots of doing NOTHING. For some reason, I haven’t done any road trips since I’ve been here (save for camping the other weekend) which is strange since that’s how you existed in the south…heading east east east until you hit the ocean. It was a way of life, and I’m not sure if it’s because I get to see the Bay/Ocean daily or if it’s just contentedness, but I’ve not explored this country state of California in a way I should.

T-24 ’til I blow this popcorn stand known as SF and head for sunnier, southerner, California. ‘Bout time.

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