Go ahead. Throw a sheep if you have to…just don’t hit the innocent profile-stander

Aah, social networking…every site these days wants to jump on the media bandwagon, and just maintaining/updating/managing my "social" life is really taxing my social life. You know, the real one without quotes. As such, unlike many of you, I don’t change my profile picture on a daily basis because really, hi, this is still me and I don’t think you can tell that my hair has grown 1/4" in the last month in my most recent photo and I seriously doubt you want to see that I’m in desperate need of a highlighting appointment. You’ll just have to take my word for it that I’ve got some dark-root action going on. Thanks for understanding.

My confusion, however, doesn’t necessarily lie with those of you who are far more eager to update your profile picture than I; it lies with those of you who feel it necessary to have your significant other in your profile picture. Because really, what that says to me is that you’re not really you without them. Nice sentiment and all, but kind of conveys that overly-clingy/needy thing that, forgive me if I’m wrong, is sort of ridiculously unattractive. Just sayin’…

My opinion may be quite unpopular here – yes, it’s nice that I can see what your man o’ the moment looks like,  but is it really necessary? – but I’m ok with that. You can get all hatin’ on me ’cause I’m all hatin’ on you and the half of a face that I get to see in your Facebook profile or IM avatar, but at least while you’re mentally calling me a single, jealous bitch of your half-photo (or throwing a sheep at me on Facebook, something I wasn’t aware you could do nor realized I was missing out on until just now) at least know that you’re throwing it at me and me alone. Because, really, I just don’t think it’s fair in this day and age to throw an imaginary cartoon sheep at someone you don’t know just because they happen to appear in your friend’s profile photo. After all, I was raised in Ohio, and while we may not know everything, we DO know proper sheep-throwing protocol.


2 thoughts on “Go ahead. Throw a sheep if you have to…just don’t hit the innocent profile-stander

  1. I am not ashamed to say that I find it annoying too. Unless you are social networking TOGETHER, put up a photo of yourself. The only thing I hate more is pictures of the whole family or one of you hugging your baby because your whole world is your little princess. I love my freakin’ princess, but she can’t type, so. I am ok with a pet and person photo.
    Tis funny, b/c this has bothered me for a long time, but I was too chicken to say anything. I only want to see hot blonde chick avatars from now on! 🙂

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