DIGGin’ it


In my world, the land o’ the Internets, everyone knows about Digg. Kevin & Alex are recognized around town(s), hiding from the technorazzi stalking their every move…ok, perhaps that’s a stretch. But they are quite well-known, as is their show, Diggnation (and they DO get some good perks at the Apple store, so I hear.)

Yet the rest of the world, those not living in the reality that is the Web 2.0 world, isn’t yet attuned to the awesomeness that is Diggnation. I found this out firsthand when telling my college lady friends (yes, two of which are still single and still – if not moreso now than ever – hot) that I went to LA to watch/sit in on the filming of the latest episode since Ask was sponsoring it. They’re all "Digg what?" and "Kevin who?" (I won’t even go into my attempted discussions about APIs since their eyes glazed over and they started reminiscing about some less-flattering moments of mine at He’s Not back at UNC. The things we can will ourselves to forget…)

But I digress.

Diggnation. Right. Let’s just say it was a super-fun day, awesome experience, and I’m really excited for people to watch Episode 114, the newest episode. After all,  it’s about time that the rest of the world know what we do: that it’s pretty great to be geekyfantastic.

Oh, and Kevin, should you want that rematch in the beer chugging contest to redeem your honor, name the time and place (and I’ll beat you all over again).

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