Mission(s) Accomplished

All the ladies

This past weekend I headed back to Chapel Hill, the lovely town of my beloved alma mater, Chapel Hill, for some much-deserved celebration. Instead of a full recap (you can get those from my Twitter stream, including my performance of an interpretive dance to Taylor Dayne’s "Tell it to my heart"), I figured I’d share the highlights of an awesome weekend with you. Including:

  • Number of baby showers attended: 2
  • Number of engagements celebrated: 1
  • Number of 30th birthday parties attended: 1
  • Number of resignations announced: 2
  • Number of times the word "nipple" was mentioned: approx. 24…I lost count
  • Number of baby items I didn’t have the slightest clue what one would use the product for: 3
  • Number of times I was asked if I was married: 6
  • Number of old-skool nightclubs we crashed: 1
  • Number of former places of employment we frequented: 1
  • Number of friend’s younger brothers that were smooched: 2 (one only on the cheek, though)
  • Number of hours of sleep (total through the weekend): 10
  • Number of months until we do it all over again: <2

Awesome weekend. See y’all for Homecoming!

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