Say it ain’t so!

For work, I recently had the privilege/exasperation-filled-job of choosing a band & subsequent song for use in an upcoming commercial. The logistics of this are mind-staggering and unfortunately, we didn’t even get to use my two top recommendations, Josh Ritter and Band of Horses. This is apparently a blessing in disguise after I found out today that Band of Horses, those awesome rockers from South Carolina who graced the world with their awesome ditties including "I Go to the barn because I like the…" and "The End’s Not Near", have agreed to let Wal-Mart use the most awesomest of their songs, The Funeral, for the store’s new website.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I feel like someone just kicked me in the gut – I mean, selling out is one thing but selling out to Wal-Mart? That’s indefensible.

One thought on “Say it ain’t so!

  1. we talked about this earlier – but i will defend them w/ some music biz insider knowledge of the making of these sorts of things. while it may not be the case w/ BoH, many artists sign away licensing rights to their labels & hope that they will use said jurisdiction for good & not evil. we don’t always consult the bands when i submit them for licensing requests – it’s just the way it goes.
    so, maybe sub pop just wants a huge discount at wal-mart! i do find it an odd choice though. eh, whaddyaiknow?!?

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