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The celebratantes, originally uploaded by Aubs.

So I’m knee-deep in first week of work stuff or else I’d write a huge long post on how awesome it was to see some of my oldest and dearest friends this past weekend in Cleveland. Or how the weather there far surpassed that of San Francisco, a truth that my Mom just couldn’t fathom. Or I’d wax poetic on how awesome my new job is going to be and how I can’t wait to be totally insanely busy and welcome this stress, the GOOD stress, the stress of excitement and doing things and changing things and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. Yep, I’d write about all of that and more, but honestly, I’ve got stuff to do. Y’all will just have to wait. (Which yes, I recognize that I’ve said that a lot lately to y’all, so thanks for your patience. My life will settle down here one of these decades.)

Instead of that post that I just don’t have time to write, I’ll share with you stories of Daisy and my “Onwards and Upwards Party” last Wednesday evening. Over fifty of you lovely, amazing friends showed up to eat, drink and be merry. (Please note that I did the latter two amazingly well and completely failed on the former. Next time, more food). Both Daisy and I had an amazing time, and after my ONE DAY OFF prior to the new job, I came into it with a new, fresh set of exhilaration for all that lies ahead which I completely attribute to fantastic friends who are always, consistently supportive. Enjoy the photos and I promise, more to come soon….

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