Hell hath frozen over

So today – Day Three of New Awesome Job – holds not only that moniker but also the title of The First Time I’ve Ever Had To Blog…For Work. I’m putting this in all-caps to emphasize the ridiculousity that this is, that after EIGHT YEARS of writing on this website (not blog), I’ve never, not once, been asked to write for a corporate blog. (Ok, that’s a lie. I wrote this, but it’s not really blog-like and I had been given the topic so I don’t really count it.)  But today, the heavens opened up and the angels began to sing and hell started getting some snowflakes and oh my! Is that a pig flying? Methinks it is. So yes. I get to write a blog post, one of many forthcoming and I’m just sitting here hoping that Typekey changes my profile name correctly and it doesn’t come from "Aubs".

Exciting, right?

Yep. Except I don’t really know where to begin. I’ve been here just three days (two and a half, if you’re being specific) and while I know what we’re doing and what I’m supposed to be writing about, I think I’m working myself up into a nervous tizzy about a blog post. I mean, if this involved math, nervous tizzy justified. But this is writing – nay, BLOGGING – something I consider myself a quasi-expert on. I mean, if there were a GRE section on blogging, I’m SURE I wouldn’t have gotten halfway through and just started putting down "B" for every answer. Like, um, I did for the math section.  (Whatever. Georgetown AND George Washington University still thought I was fabulous with my less-than-stellar math percentile. And you should too. But I digress…)

So with a hectic morning behind me and it being an "eat-at-my-desk" sorta day, I figured I’d take 20 minutes to pump myself up and do a bit of practice by reading some of my favorite blogs, catching up on the news of the day, and writing here.

I honestly never thought I’d see the day where I had to PRACTICE blogging, but hell, that pig WAS flying outside, wasn’t it?

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