A little cleaning music

This weekend I found myself pledging my love and endless adoration to my Swiffer WetJet. If you don’t yet  have this magical device, put everything else down, and run – walk, scooter, drive, fly, skip, crawl, hitchhike, whatever – to your nearest hardware store or Target and procure one right now. It will change your life. And I mean that with every drop of sincerity in my body.

Anyway, while Swiffer WetJetting my very needy floors I decided to give myself a little cleaning music. Inundated by commercials these days as I continue my obsession with the new tv premiere season (LOVE Chuck. LOVE Journeyman. LOVE LOVE LOVE, and unapologetically so, Gossip Girl) I’ve naturally had Feist’s "1234" stuck in my head. I say "Naturally" because every other commercial is one for the fugly new iPod nano, and clearly someone wisely decided that the only way to sell this unattractive little nugget was to couple it with a catchy song. Not sure how sales are going for Nano Fugly-point-oh but I do know that "1234" is leeching space in my already overwhelmed brain.

In light of this, I share with you an awesome rendition of this song as she performed it on Davide Letterman with backup from members of my other fave bands (Broken Social Scene, Mates of State, The New Pornographers, The National, and Grizzly Bear.) Feel free to listen to it while Swiffering YOUR floors, or, as I did, treat yourself to watching the whole video (repeatedly) from the comfort of your now-spotless house.

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