Oh, Aubrey, Where Art Thou?

Never fear, I’m still here. (Wow – what a loud collective sigh of relief. And to think I thought y’all had forgotten about me.) No, alas, I’ve just been busy (yeah, yeah, you’ve heard that before) but this time, I mean it. Really busy. Busy as in the awesome sense of when you leave work you’re exhausted, but in a good way, the way that means you’ve worked all day on stuff that matters and are beat both physically and mentally and just want to crawl into your bed without dinner. What? That doesn’t sound good to you? Clearly you’re not as Type-A as I am, because that’s my favorite type of busy. Seriously.

We’ve been prepping for our big conference tomorrow, "The Business of APIs", which I hope to see some of you at. I’ve been in a battle royale with a little program called Powerpoint (formerly the bane of my existence, now my Frienemy) and have been working with our team to make sure everything is set for tomorrow morning. I’ve never been so involved with putting on a conference (nor developing the content) and let me say that while it’s certainly daunting in concept, it’s been a great learning experience.

So please hang tight – I promise I’ll return in due time with fabulous stories and much to tell about life, love and how I may in fact be a secret gourmet in training.

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