Wanna bet?

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I’m not a
die-hard baseball fan. If I were, however, I would OF COURSE be going
totally apeshit about my Cleveland Indians being one game away from
this year’s World Series. In fact, I’m following them, and as any good
Clevelander will admit, we’re a loyal crew. Loyalty trumps fairweather
any day (or at least for those who also grew up in a city often
ridiculed for its crappy weather and burning river. I mean, any support
helps.) Baseball is one of those sports that I find myself attending
for social reasons; sure, I’ll root for our team, and who knows…if I
was still living in Cleveland I probably would have season tickets at
the Jake. But I don’t. So I don’t. Instead, I live in a city where summer is theoretical and the Giants suck. Still, I made it to a few Giants games, one even with Lila Belle in tow. So there.

not to say I’m not a sports fan at all – there’s little more I love
than college game day at Carolina, the place that taught me how to
tailgate like a Southerner. I had to quickly learn to replace fleeces
and hoodies and grills with Bojangles Chicken and sundresses and dates
(yes. Football games were DATE EVENTS) and discovered various places to
stash airplane bottles of liquor. (Cleavage. Waistbands. Inside your
knee high boot. Hidden in a black sock against the bottom of your black
purse. I could go on…) I also love me some Carolina Basketball
because – hello – it’s UNC BASKETBALL. Heard of it? Yeah. It’s an
institution. But baseball…I don’t know. Maybe it was the years
PLAYING softball but it’s just one of those sports I’d rather play than

Despite that long-winded tangent, I’m really excited
for the Indians. This has been a good year for Cleveland sports – first
the Cavs, now the Tribe. Aww hell yeah. As such, I decided to place a
little wager with a Red Sox fan friend on the outcome of the series.
Now he’s a TRUE fan, I can say that with resolution, especially given
the (confidential) terms of the bet. But if you love me – ok, if you
like me, if you don’t hate me, if you for one second thought fondly of
me EVER – you’ll root for the Indians tonight. Because the stakes are
high. And I like my humility served best on someone else’s plate. It’s
tastier that way.


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