ooh la la!

I have a recurring to-do list with many, many things on it. We’ve already determined how enjoyable it is for me to check off each of my tasks with a triumphant swoop of my blue PaperMate pen…it plays so well into my Type-A personality. Every day, I’d say I accomplish about half of the items on the list, not because I’m slacking, but because some of those tasks have been on there for weeks. A few have even been on there for months. And then there’s the "invisible" ones, things I know that would make it on the list because they’re still unaccomplished but I can’t bear to see them day after day, taunting me with their undoable nature. Clearly, these fall into the lowest of low priorities and it’s more of a question of "if" rather than "when" for their completion date. So, when I finally get around to doing one of these – often not in a slow moment but usually when slammed and stressed and overwhelmed (analyze THAT, Ms. Shrink) it’s all-the-more rewarding to sing my own praises.

Behold – one more thing checked off my to-do list. A favicon. For my site.





                Aubreysabala.com - everything your mother warned you about (and more)






See? Up there? In that little corner? That’s me, all teensy. (16 x 16 pixels teensy, to be exact.) I’ve wanted to do this for at least a year, and it was super easy, I just never took the time to do it. But alas, late in the eve last night I finally spent 5 minutes researching it and Voila! J’ai une favicon! (Ok. That’s probably not the correct French grammar but I’m pretending it is. ‘Favicon’ just sounds so Pepé Le Pew, mais non?)

I can’t tell you how pleased I am. Sorta makes today’s stomachache and tonight’s World Series, sans Le Tribe, a bit more palatable.

Just a bit.

One thought on “ooh la la!

  1. Cute favicon… I’m always a little surprised at how a 16×16 image can still be recognizable like that! I mean, no one’s going to post that size picture on the post office wanted wall, but you can definitely tell what the favicon is!

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