I’ll tumbl 4 ya

First, there was aubreysabala.com, the hand-coded lil’ website that I started way back in 2001. You know, in the OLDEN DAYS before blogs were called blogs (this being the reason I still insist that it is A WEBSITE, NOT a Blog). I soon started using Movable Type (thanks be to the very kind Jon Armstrong for his much-needed help ages ago) and then evolved into a furiously loyal Typepad user. This from the girl who is friends with the Blogger crew and worked for Google…see? FURIOUSLY loyal. When Six Apart came out with Vox, I signed up for that as well but it wasn’t until recently that I began doubling my efforts by cross-posting from Vox to Typepad. (Where are YOU reading this, beloved reader? It exists in two places – whee!) There’s many things I love about Vox – uploading music easily, the social nature of it to name a few – and my only complaint is that when I cross-post to AubreySabala.com, it pre-appends (is that a word?) each post on Typepad with "On Vox:" which also gets saved as the file name. Quirkily irritating. But I put up with it and hope that the fine folks at Six Apart will think about changing that.


Your online presence is so much more than blogging these days, though, and includes your Flickr photos, your Twitter account, Facebook, Last.fm, Sonicliving, and more. Keeping this all straight, not to mention remembering your passwords, is pretty impossible. That’s why I was so excited to try out Tumblr, a website that allows you to easily blog PLUS imports all your feeds from your blog(s), Flickr, Last.fm, Twitter and more. Pretty handy. Now, I’m not abandoning any of these other items (meaning: I’ll still be posting from Vox/Typepad, and not Tumblr) and let’s be honest, my Tumblr page isn’t that pretty. But I am, so that makes up for it, right?

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