We missed the costume contest

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Ladybug Lila Belle, originally uploaded by Aubs.

Every year, Bella and Daisy’s (my fave doggie store in SF) has a great soiree replete with wine for the pet owners and a hilarious costume contest. I was SO sure Lila would be the big winner (I mean, LOOK AT HER) but I forgot to check when it was, just assuming it was this evening. Only it wasn’t; it was last Friday and damnit, we missed it.

Since I’m SURE Lila wouldn’t want to miss being shoved in an uncomfortable, silly-looking costume, I decided to dress her up here anyway and take some photos. She cooperated, barely, with the help of many a puppy treat.

And so, Ladybug Lila Belle and I wish you a spooktacular Halloween! BOO!

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