Time is on my side

I’ve found myself with a lot of time on my hands lately. While there are a few key things that I don’t currently have, time is certainly not in short supply. In fact, I’ve got loads of time. Tons. Bushels. And in finding myself with all of this time, I’ve been contemplating just exactly what to do with it. And by “contemplating”, I actually mean “slowly, quietly pondering” this fact. I find myself taking my time trying to figure out what to DO with all this time I have. Efficient, I suppose.

I’ve long wondered what I would find myself doing should I have the amount of time on my hands that I do these days. If the past is any indication, I figured I would fill my days the way I would an empty wine glass: quickly and fully. And yet this isn’t the case in actuality. I’m weighing my options, reviewing a proverbial wine list carefully, meticulously. Would I prefer the Fume Blanc over the traditional Chardonnay? Do I even want white wine? I know I enjoy a hearty red, but a Cabernet? Syrah? Perhaps a Bordeaux? Or – wow. There’s also some soju cocktails and, yum, Poppy Jasper. Choices, choices. Not to be made in haste.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m being prudent. I’m slowly assessing my options, thinking a lot, writing even more. Making lists and checking them thrice. Swirling my glass, taking a hearty sniff of the aroma of my life. Remembering, and learning, what I want. Because every wine has its time. And right now, that’s what I’ve got.

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