A small request

Dear Reader,

Have I told you lately that I love you? I mean, I do. Love. With an "o" and an "e", certainly not with a "u" because really, that would be SO fourth grade. (Then again, I’m quoting Rod Stewart here so perhaps fourth grade is where I should stay.) Anyway. You’re awesome. To quote Daisy’s favorite line, "Thanks for all that you do." (This should not be confused with MY favorite line, "Wanna Makeout?", which reminds me, I really DO need to add an asterisk that says "If you don’t secretly LIVE WITH YOUR GIRLRIEND". I mean, I thought it went without saying, but apparently not.)

Anyway. Back to you. You’re the best.

And now, to me.

So after having my website tag line for a few years be "Everything your mother warned you about…and more", I just recently realized that it was not only self-deprecating, but also pretty inaccurate. I mean, really…mothers love me. Especially Southern ones. I even unknowingly adopt their accent! Also, the tagline makes me sound slutty. Which I’m not (ignore that whole "Wanna Makeout" discussion above. I was just kidding. Really.) So, alas, I need to come up with a new tagline and I’m looking to you, genius reader, to help me in this pursuit. I’ll show you the ones that I’m considering just to emphasize the fact that I desperately need your insights. They are:

Unemployed Cougar Seeks Irrational Hookups
I have a menagerie, of COURSE I’m single
Not nearly as snarky as I wish I was
One time, at band camp…

and my favorite:

I’m Just Not That Into Me Either

So, can you help? Please? Pretty please? I’ll be all "Jane came up with this tagline, she ROCKS" and put a photo on the site and, I don’t know, other stuff. Seriously. Assistez-moi, sil vous plait! My eternal gratitude is at stake.

So that’s my beseeching for the day. (In other news, I’m seriously considering having my friends all suggest boys for me to date and then letting America vote. You know, making myself my own bachelorette. But I’ll save that story for another time. Today is all about taglines…) Simply leave a comment with your suggestion or email me and, golly gee, that would just be the bestest.

And with that, I leave you,
Very truly yours,


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