When you grow up with a family (read: father) obsessed with taking photographs, it’s only normal to assume that you’re going to be a bit judgmental with photos of yourself. After all, you have to deal with pictures like this




                moi, circa 1979






and this





                May 1982: Sea World






and this




                1991: Eighth Grade






as evidence to your awkward years. As such, I find myself being the harshest of critics, rarely liking a photo of myself. And then I see Flickr streams from friends and I just find them all so beautiful. Gorgeous. Like, have you seen Heather lately? Stunning. And HelenJane? Can you GET any prettier? And then, cross-continental beauty abounds with Sarah "I am ridiculously photogenic, and hot to boot" Brown sporting her sassy self in NYC and other awesome locales.  Don’t mean to exclude my guys from this tribute, as they’re as hunky as ever. Especially when: they’re (looking) out of their element. Or when they are completely IN their element. Which makes me wonder: are THEY this hard on themselves? Do they see pictures and wonder how the went out LOOKING LIKE THAT? Because really, I see these photos of my friends, near and far, and am rendered speechless by how amazing they are, both inside and out.

Perhaps I’m being a wee bit too hard on myself. Maybe I should remember that each photo is a snapshot in time and that every expression is fleeting. Or realize that there is beauty to be found in every situation, in every person, including myself.

Originally posted on aubs.vox.com

2 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. You are beautiful. I was intimidated when I first met you because you are so attractive. Also, you are photogenic. This is all said to tell you that you are right and wrong. Everyone is critical of themselves, or almost everyone, and you are FABULOUS and gorgeous.

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