Sweetness, sweetness never suits me

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stars @ bimbo’s, originally uploaded by Willo.

The whole crew went to go see Stars on Tuesday. Now, since they’ve been on repeat in my car/on my iPhone/iTunes/iPod for nearly a year, I knew it would be an amazing show. What I hadn’t expected, however, was how kickass Bimbo’s is as a venue (HOW HOW HOW haven’t I been there before!?) and how I would know (and sing along with) literally every song, each one screaming “OMG this is like one of my FAVORITES” only to repeat that as each new song they sang. At one point, I realized I didn’t have a drink, but refused to leave my awesome spot because I was going to possibly miss another one of my “OMG, Favorite song”s.

Yes. You read that correctly. I love Stars more than alcohol.

And you thought that day may never come.

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