First look

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First look, originally uploaded by Aubs.

1350 white lights, nearly 100 ornaments and one strained back later, I
present you with the first look at my beautiful 8-foot Frasier Fir.
(you can’t see in this photo, but there are three wrapped presents
under it too!)

5 thoughts on “First look

  1. Aubrey, that tree kicks ass. Its like the 80s’ trees we had, only moderinized. And in defense of you with the November thing, EVERYONE is my frakking neighborhood put their lights up on Kill-A-Geek Day. (aka Thanksgiving).

  2. Amazingly, I’m a Christmas light maestro. I only get confused when there are multiple wire inputs, Slingboxes, Wiis, HDMI cords, component cables and AppleTVs. I mean, I’m only one girl!

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