Maybe you’ve noticed that there’s a new look on this here website. Good job!

Or maybe you haven’t. That’s cool, too, I understand how things like "observation" can easily fall by the wayside when you’re busy or distracted (or reading this in a CSS reader.) Seriously. No problem. Don’t give it a second thought.

But the design here IS new, though it’s more of a paring-down of the former iteration as opposed to a full redesign. That will be saved for another time. In the meantime, however, I’ve grouped all the goodies into pages (linkable from the right side) but kept the main links that you use (to older posts, pics etc.) right there for easy access. (Heh. That term still brings out the 12-y/o boy sense of humor in me. But I digress…)

That said, I’ve noticed my stats have gone down since the relaunch, which makes me wonder if it’s a Google Analytics error (on my part, either having put the code twice on the former pages or missing some here) or if the redesign is actually affecting your behavior. So, weigh in! Was there something on the old design that is missing here? Something here that makes it harder to navigate around? Let me know…after all, I’ve got some time on my hands here to make any and all tweaks. You know, ’cause of the Holidays. And that pesky "lack of a job" situation.

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