Hello again.

So remember back in my post talking about all the joys and delights of being unemployed where I said that I found myself NOT being on the computer very often?

Well, it continues.

It’s funny, since I feel like it’s what I should be doing, this "avoiding the computer until absolutely necessary" way of living…I haven’t put a ban on it or anything like that, it’s just while I’m still unemployed and not following a fixed schedule of any means, I find myself leaving my computer at home or, when I do take it with me, leaving it shut in my laptop bag all weekend. Which, frankly, is kind of cathartic. I’m certain there will be PLENTY of time in the very near future in which I am sitting, bleary-eyed, staring at my computer screen. In the meantime, I’m on hiatus.

The only loser in this equation, as it seems to be, is this site. Sure, I keep posting photos and the occasional song, but my days of long, regular posts seem to be behind me (at least for the next week or two.) I have the best of intentions – in fact, I started this post three separate times over the last week! – but they fall as often best intentions do: by the wayside. I get distracted by my non-digital life…by taking Lila to the park, by having lunch or dinner with friends, by going up to Tahoe every single chance I can get (to quote this little kid that had the biggest, best wipeout I’ve seen in a while – true yard-sale-variety – as he was laying upside down sans skis and poles on a super steep incline: "I’m having SO MUCH FUN!") and generally just trying to make the most of the time I have until the job fairy taps me with her magic wand. Which, for inquiring mind, is hopefully pretty soon…details are remaining hush-hush ’til I say so.

Anyway, while this site IS capturing my interest, figured I’d fill y’all in on what’s been going on. Here goes:

  • New Years was spent up in Tahoe – was an awesome time. So fun, in fact, that I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I would have liked as I was too busy enjoying the fun to be capturing it all.
  • I headed home for a whopping 24 hours and then trekked back up to Tahoe to enjoy the crazy storm of 2008. While I enjoyed some of the best skiing EVER, my poor Saabalamobile didn’t fare nearly as well. (Thankfully, no serious damage and we eventually got the car out.)
  • Am not drinking throughout the month of January. Already 13 days into it, I’ve found that it’s  not nearly as hard to do as you’d expect…I’m really only tempted when everyone is having a tasty glass of wine with dinner and Après-ski. I had planned to do the Master Cleanse during the first half of the month but was (thankfully) coerced by my friend Kevin (who is also going sans alcohol ’til February) to join him and our friend Prager in this quest. So far, only noticeable side effects are insane sense of smell for alcohol (I can sniff out a glass of wine from across the room!) and being down 2 lbs. WHEE!

So that’s me in a nutshell. (Which always makes me think of that movie – maybe a Mike Meyers one? – where he’s like ‘HELP! I’M IN A NUTSHELL!’ – what movie IS that!?) Until next time…

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