Ask and you shall receive…sometimes

Upon launching my new (and hopefully streamlined) design for this site, I expected some feedback on various parts. Maybe y’all wouldn’t like that I grouped a lot of the extra stuff under the "ETC" pages. Or perhaps you’re OVER the black & white design. Or maybe, just MAYBE, you thought I should return AdWords to the home page so I could add a cent or two and finally go over my All Time Total Net Dividends of $2.46. I mean, once I hit $3 I could almost – ALMOST – buy myself a latte. What I didn’t expect is that nearly all of the feedback involved my Twitter stream, which I removed from the main page and sent over to my "Elsewhere" page. Who knew that you wanted to be reminded of my inane, 140-character stream of consciousness?

Well, you did (do?) and alas, I’ve listened. A snippet of my full Twitter stream has returned to its (seemingly) rightful place, right over THERE (to the right, to the right —>>) for all your viewing glory. Enjoy, but don’t hold it against me come February when I start drinking and stop making sense. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

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