Remember a little while ago when I directed you to my Tumblr page? No? What *IS* a Tumblr page? Here’s a little refresher:

Basically, Tumblr allows you to aggregate your online "presence" into one easy-to-read stream. For mine, I have my Twitters, posts from this site, my Flickr photos, the music I’ve been listening to and even the stories I’m Digging all sent to this handly little blog-ish like thing for a one-stop shop for all things Aubrey. As such, it lives – appropriately enough – at By NO MEANS is it a replacement for this site, but for the three of you out there that just can’t get enough of yours truly (ok, there’s only probably TWO of you, and your names are Ed and Sue Sabala) feel free to head on over there now & again to get a bit more insight on what’s going on in my ever-so-lively life.

And please, no comments on my love of 80’s hip hop…it’s just who I am.

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