The beginning of a habit

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29 January 2008 – San Francisco, originally uploaded by Aubs.

Y’all can call BS on me, but I really don’t have that many bad habits. For one, they just don’t seem to stick. I mean, I don’t really like coffee (save for an occasional froo-froo sugar-free skim latte which I’m embarrassed to order since it screams GIRLIE…which, hmm, come to think of it, perhaps my aversion to anything “girlie” is why people have taken to calling me “dude” so much lately. Will ponder that later…back to my lack of bad habits.) I don’t smoke cigarettes, I don’t drink alone, and save for that stretch where I kept falling asleep with my clothes on, I really can’t think of an atrocious habit that I’d want to quit. Ok, perhaps cleaning up my potty mouth, but I’m TRYING.

As for good habits, I do like making my bed, even if lately I’ve found myself un-making it nearly every afternoon to partake in a nap. Hey, it’s raining, that’s what you DO on rainy days, isn’t it? I brush my teeth religiously and have even lately started enjoying flossing. (Well, maybe not ENJOYING, but tolerating it and doing it daily. My dentist will be so proud…that is, when I get dental insurance again.) So, basically, I may be a person who loves their routine and stability, but I don’t know that I’d call myself overly habitual. Committing to ANYTHING, EVERY DAY, seems a bit tethering.

But lately, I’ve seen a few friends who have been taking a photo every day and posting it to Flickr which I actually think is a pretty cool habit. Some are daily portraits; others are just whatever they find inspiring of the day. As for me, I’m not quite sure which one I’d prefer (or which I think would have the better chance of sticking) but, lo and behold, I’m willing to try.

So, starting today, every weekday I plan (PLAN!) on taking a daily photo of some aspect and posting it to Flickr. Don’t worry – I won’t always make them my daily blog post – but it would be cool to somehow have a link to my daily photo (a la Dooce style…maybe I’ll work on that) from my site.

Without further ado, here’s today’s snap, courtesy of my trusty MacBook and PhotoBooth. (The sepia setting won me over, since the lighting in my home office is less than desirable.) Enjoy…more to come.

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