So here’s the thing with Ryan Adams. He’s a genius. Like, pure, unadulterated brilliance. He’s also probably the quirkiest person I’ve ever encountered (and I use this world really lightly, because I can’t say I *KNOW* him – I mean, who does? – and I haven’t met him, I’ve just been humbled and in awe and somewhat captivated by the person he portrays on stage and in his recordings and lately in his videos. And I know that can just be who he chooses to let us see and parts of him that he’s willing to show but for some reason, mainly b/c I can’t imagine being able to portray a character with such multi-dimensionality without honesty, I feel like he’s showing his authentic self. But what do I know?)

Anyway. Ryan Adams.

I started listening to his music probably 5 or so years ago; I remember "La Cienega Just Smiled" was the first song that I was taken with, and I played it on repeat for days. (Ok, for weeks.) I then started discovering the rest of his music and through the years have had a love-like-lust relationship with him; Love on "Gold", Like on "Rock ‘n Roll" and finally evolving into my favorite state Lust with his recent album, "Easy Tiger". He is hands down, without a doubt, my favorite musician, not just for his talent but for his "I don’t give a fuck!" take on the world that he so often exhibits in all of his media. I’ve seen him in concert a few times; the first time, he was clearly (justifiably) agitated at some asshole in the audience who told him to "Shut up and sing!" and then the next time – last July at Herbst Theatre – he barely spoke, save for a few "Thank You"s throughout the 2 hr concert. The last show, this past Monday, was an entirely different affair, as he was jovial and engaging and genuinely seemed to be not only in a good mood but also enjoying himself. Which made me enjoy it all the more.

Now let me address some concerns: I’m well-aware that I sound like a crazy, obsessed fan. I mean, Hi, all I can talk about for the past 48 hours is Ryan Adams.  Let it be known that this is NOT the case; it’s just that for some inexplicable reason I find myself completely drawn to him, flaws and unconventionality and all.  He’s captivating. The fact that he’s been making these videos and embracing this whole other media – not to mention the fact he seemingly records a new album a week – just makes me nearly swoon with the after-effects of his creativity. There’s something so inspiring about his authenticity – he just puts it all out there – that it makes me want to do the same. I’ve never been so affected by a musician or artist or performer in my life, and right now, as crazy as it makes me seem, I’m knee-deep in Ryan Adams adoration.

So that’s the thing about Ryan Adams. He makes me want to be better.

One thought on “Explanation

  1. If you love Ryan Adams, he has an album floating around the internet as “Sad Dracula”, which is on par with his best stuff. Also, I agree that it’s a grab bag with what you’ll get in his performances. I attended the infamous Knoxville show that he states will be his final show there. Blistering set… bad attitude.

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