Samantha: 2000-2008

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Samantha: 2000-2008, originally uploaded by Aubs.

My cat Samantha passed away yesterday.

While it wasn’t altogether unexpected – she had kidney disease for the past few years – the reality of this loss is like nothing I’ve ever before experienced. I’ve lost family members (grandparents and great aunts and the like) and my childhood dog passed away when I was at school, but in a lot of ways I was guarded from the stark reality that is death. Not in this case.

Grief is a palpable, tangible experience and and though it’s a part of life, that knowledge doesn’t mitigate the complete and total devastation associated with it.

Samantha, you were the sweetest, kindest cat and you’re already missed.

7 thoughts on “Samantha: 2000-2008

  1. RIP Panfers. You were the coolest, sweetest cat ever. Your calm, nonchalant demeanor made you my favorite feline in the history of cats. You will be missed.

  2. As a huge cat lover, I feel for you.
    Her body might have gone out of order, but her spirit definitely lives on.
    (I had a friend with advanced psychic powers who had been able to contact her own cat after she passed away)

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