Love, Mom

One of my Mom’s biggest frustrations about me living in California is the timezone difference. I’m not a big phone talker to begin with, and couple that with me being 3 hours behind and Sue Sabala feels like her daughter (yours truly) is WAY too far away. I totally empathize – I miss my Mom every day, and while I’m not always great about telling her it (or hell, calling or emailing her) I wish we lived a lot closer. Now, granted, my Mom loves to communicate – if she had her way, we’d talk 3x/day – so take this all with a grain of salt, since I most likely talk to my Mom more than any of you do. Regardless, my Mom reads my website to "keep up with me" – something she regularly laments…YES, I KNOW, I NEED TO CALL HER MORE OFTEN! – and lately, given the craziness of my job, has started emailing me. Now, remember this is the same woman who used to give my email and phone number to people she met on planes and cab drivers as an attempt to finally set me up, so she’s no stranger to email. As such, her emails are nothing but entertaining, and until today, I thought, original.

Then my friend Micah sent me this site: Postcards from  yo Momma.

BRILLIANT! It’s a compilation of emails and text messages from Moms to their kids, and one thing is clear: all Moms are both crazy and darling. I found myself cracking up repeatedly over the similarities between my conversations with my Mom and the emails posted up there. And as funny as they are, I wonder if my Mom thinks they’re funny or totally normal. Because the answer is definitely BOTH. And makes me miss my Mom.

Mom, keep the awesome emails coming, but please, stop giving out my digits to random 47-y/o Pakistani cab drivers. Love you, mean it!

3 thoughts on “Love, Mom

  1. If it makes you feel any better, every time my mom and dad come back from a trip, pop has the email address of the woman he’s sure I’m going to marry.
    There are downsides to having your parents be your best friends. But it obviously comes with good stories.

  2. Oh, I hear ya! After 6 1/2 years in Seattle I’ll be leaving for dear ‘ol Columbus, OH, and that STILL isn’t quiiiiite close enough for my Mom. It is still at least 2 hours from Cleveland, after all! Oy vey. And God bless our darling Moms. 🙂

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