My first Flip

We Flip at Digg from Aubrey Sabala on Vimeo.

After seeing The Submarines use a Flip camera the other night at their show (actually, after seeing Ali FILM The Subs using their Flip camera) I decided I needed to get one. Was super easy to use and the quality was pretty great too. So far, it’s lived up to the hype – took about one minute to figure out how to use it and even the uploading was pretty easy. (It can upload with one click to YouTube – however, I found that something happened in the converting process that made the sound all tinny.) Alas, uploaded it to Vimeo (will be trying out Viddler next) and without further ado, here’s my first Flip Video. More to come…

3 thoughts on “My first Flip

  1. Pretty cool cameras. It’s amazing and scary that my grandmother could be uploading videos to YouTube. Something in that thought is disturbing. I was concerned about light issues, but it looks pretty good…how is it in practical use? @k00k me

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