Rock on, Interwebs!


Have been trying to figure out a way to post some of the songs that I love the most in a quick & easy fashion. Because, let’s face it, I barely have time to update this blog, much less write for the OTHER amazing music blog I’m (supposed to be) writing for. I can’t add a third daily blog to my already taxed schedule.

But Tumblr makes it easy to upload and link to songs & videos – I’d say I can commit to a 3-minute-a-day timesuck at this point. And so it goes.

So here’s your daily music fix, aptly entitled One song, every (week)day, ’nuff said. Nothing too fancy, just the song that’s making me tap my foot, hum along, or totally embarrass myself at work and completely rock out. (Oftentimes one of the first two; most often the latter.)


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