When I got into The University of North Carolina, I spray-painted a king-sized sheet and hung it out the window, stating simply: "UNC Bound". You see, I spoke at my graduation, had accepted three other schools while I continued to hope that I would be chosen off the waitlist to get into the only one I actually was excited about – namely, UNC. Without any connections or being a legacy, getting in as an out-of-state applicant was pretty difficult; they apparently denied over 150 valedictorians my year. Alas, it was a big, exciting accomplishment, and I had many people in my hometown "gunning for me" and hoping that I would get in. My makeshift announcement – via 400 thread-count sheets, no less – not only served the purpose to spread the word but also held me to upholding "my" end of an imagined bargain in doing well in school. After all, I couldn’t let that many people down.

I find myself wanting to hang a banner every once & a while these days to once again keep me to my decisions. While I like to consider myself a person of my word, when you’re talking about matters of the heart, things that were – on paper – black and white very quickly evolve into the more subtle shades of gray. Add in alcohol and I’d be well-suited to have a banner not only reminding me, but also serving as evidence so that others could hold me to my resolutions. Unfortunately, not everything can – or for that matter, should – be publicized, and sheets these days are pretty pricey. So in the meantime, I suppose I can use what I have – this website, Twitter, THE INTERNETS – to help keep me aligned with my own best intentions. So that when I say that I’m done – really, truly, finally DONE – I’m lookin’ to y’all to make sure it stays that way.

2 thoughts on “resolved

  1. Hey, so you got me following your blog now…You went to UNC? I actually grew up in North Carolina and went to school at the University of Georgia in Athens. Did you ever make it down there? Anyways, I am truly inspired by you moving out west and getting acclimated there. What made you want to go out west? and, how have you liked it so far?
    P.S. I know I am completely random but I thought I would ask anyways…

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