(Over a month) late…

So I keep saying I’m going to write this epic post on all the awesomeness that ensued in NYC for Internet & my birthday week, and here it is over a month later and I keep putting it off. Basically, at this point, probably not going to happen. (That’s fine…I think anyone who experienced the insanity that was June 3-10th would admit that it should be akin to Vegas in the "what happens there, stays there" variety.)


I’d be remiss if I didn’t post these three videos since I promised to talk about the Jewish Wedding-slash-Birthday Party that we had on June 6th. Sixteen of my nearest & dearest from SF, NYC, Atlanta, etc. all made the journey to Sammy’s Roumanian Steakhouse in the LES to dine and drink and – though I hadn’t put it on the official invitation – dance. Oh, and dance we did.

I even got to experience the traditional chair dance.

I always said I’d make a great shiksa, so even if I don’t end up marrying a strapping young Jewish lad, I can at least say I experienced the "wedding."

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