VOTE. (Oh, and watch hot people urge you to do so in their underwear.)

Seven days.

In seven short days, we’ll be electing our next President. By now, I’m sure you’re well aware of the importance of this election, and regardless of your political views (clearly, you already know mine), making your voice heard by voting is important. No, it’s more than important, it’s imperative.

In a lot of states (California, Georgia, and North Carolina, to name three that I’ve called home in the past), you can vote early. I’ve already done it, just in case I had to head out of town that day. Or in case the lines were too long. Or the machines were broken. Regardless, I’ve cast my vote (GO OBAMA!) and strongly urge you to do so as well, either sometime leading up to the election or on next Tuesday, November 4th.  That’s what the video above – coming from my brilliant and talented and, ok, super fucking hot friend Andrew Bancroft & his pals – is urging you to do. I can just remind you with my words, but they are upping the ante and providing you with an even bigger incentive: checking them out in their skivvies. You won’t be sorry to watch it, nor will you be sorry when you put on that "I Voted" sticker.


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