Depiction of my gratitude: 2009 (so far) in review

You've been busy. I've been busy. Maybe we've even been gettin' busy together. Regardless, words are few and far between (at least on this here website) but there's photos aplenty. So here's at least 10,000 of 'em, in visual form.

I rang in the new year with good friends…
The best photo of the night 

Went to LA. Hung out with LaVar Burton. (And yes, sang the Reading Rainbow song.)

Went to Sundance.

Me at Sundance

Went to the Inauguration.

Barack Obama at the Inaugural Bipartisan Dinner

Donned some dashing footwear at the Inaugural Ball.

Sacca examines my choice of footwear

Ran a 5k.


Went to LA again. Got all fancified.

The crew at the ball

Went to the Dominican Republic. Got all UN-fancified.


Threw a REALLY big party at SXSW

Looking down on the masses at The Bigg Digg Shindigg

Celebrated St. Patrick's Day.

At St. Patrick's Last Stand

Hit the slopes.

View from the top of Squaw Valley

Went to a Giants game. Went to another Giants game.

Giants Game


Went to NYC for a much-needed long weekend. Only took two photos.

Ghost-eye Hams 

Threw a picnic.

Picnicing in the park

Lila came too.

Of course, that doesn't tell the whole story, but when is it ever fully told?  You can't photograph elation, excitement, anticipation. That feeling in your stomach where you know something amazing is about to happen. Confusion. 
Being inspired. Being humbled. 
Failing. Trying something new. Failing again. 
Trusting it all. 
Living it all.
And, overwhelmingly and without exception, being humbled & overwhelmingly grateful for it all.

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