On Blogging, Twittering and Sperm

I think one reason I'm not writing on this site as much anymore is that I know and am considering my audience. I'm self-censoring without wanting to, somehow caring that I could be judged, which is inherently removed from smaller posts (of the 140 character variety; i.e., Twitter) or photos. It's a lot easier to justify the lack of interaction or response when I'm writing a sentence or two than it is when I compose something longer. Something of substance. It's the literary version of gaming theory, and my Tweets – although proliferated more widely – are the prosaic 'cheap' sperm to a much more 'costly' blog post egg.

And there, Dad, is how my genetics degree still comes in handy.

2 thoughts on “On Blogging, Twittering and Sperm

  1. though I do understand what you’re saying, you may actually produce more interacting content by twittering or such then producing a full paragraph on blog.
    Though twitter or such, is quite limiting if you want to go more in depth on a subject.

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