Hi-Fi Goon, yo.

Upon my friend Keith’s recommendation TWO SXSW’s ago, I saw the Seattle band “Throw Me the Statue” at some cramped, teensy, sweaty venue. I think they may have even flung sweat on me, which is basically your indie rock baptism. They’ve recently released a new album – Creaturesque – which I purchased immediately based on the strength of its first single, “Hi-Fi Goon”, a catchy tune that’s been all over XMU, my musical muse. Check it out, then pony up the cash to get the whole album – it’s SOLID.

Hi – Fi Goon by Throw Me The Statue  
Download now or listen on posterous

09 Hi-Fi Goon.mp3 (5145 KB)

2 thoughts on “Hi-Fi Goon, yo.

  1. Thanks for the tip. I just bought the album on itunes thanks to you :). I dig how you post the MP3s on your blog. I’m gonna have to check out posterous too and do the same thing on my blog!

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