Ladyhawke, yo.

Paris Is Burning by Ladyhawke  
Download now or listen on posterous

Ladyhawke_01_08_Paris Is Burning.mp3 (6526 KB)

I’m heading to Atlanta in a few weeks to visit my friends who I haven’t seen in OVER A YEAR (cue the image of me as the worst. friend. ever.) and my pal Jessica, who has impeccable taste in music, suggested I come in a night early to see one of her favorite acts, LADYHAWKE. If I hadn’t already paid $150 in change fees for this trip, I *SO* would do it, but alas, moving = broke aubrey. Kind of a bummer, that whole financial lameness, especially since I now understand why she suggested I also bring my leg warmers and practice my step-touch with arm movements.
Hmm, maybe it *is* worth the $150 after all…

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