I believe I can fly

My first chartered flight

But touch the sky? Come on. I may be blonde, but I'm not DELUSIONAL, R. Kelly. 

Regardless, I figured I'd put this theory to the test last week and went up in my first chartered plane EVER. Now, given the amount that I travel, it's unsurprising that I'm not afraid to fly. You'll often find me (hopefully upgraded to first class) asleep before we even leave the ground. That's not to say, however, that I wasn't a bit trepidatious to head up, up, and away in a teensy little plane. You know, the ones that are always crashing into mountains or are lost at sea. I had never even been in a plane this small, so when I asked Sam if we would be able to walk around in the cockpit, his reaction was as incredulous as it was when I asked if he had gotten a new watch to tell America time. (CAVEAT: Lots of alcohol was involved that night, and I was kidding. Totally. Really.) Anyway, the cockpit is TINY, and it was, in fact, smaller than my car, just as he had described. Kind of bummed that the Saabalamobile doesn't have plush, maroon velour seats and curtains, though. That was HOT.

Sam after his first US solo flight

But I was going up with a trained pilot, and one that I trust to not only fly me through the air, but also to do the really important things. Like make sure I get home when drunk. And not flush the toilet when I'm in the shower. TRUST IS IMPORTANT, PEOPLE. So when he suggested that we should "go for a fly" (say this in your most authentic New Zealand accent for the full effect) I figured "why not?" The worst that would happen is that we'd die, and I already have someone lined up to burn my diaries & hide other unsavory items, lest my parents find them, so the contingency plans were well in place.

I wasn't sure what to expect…I had thought it would be very loud and quite a bit bumpy. But either to the credit of Sam (most likely) or the fact that the day was super calm (probably didn't hurt), the takeoff was so smooth I hadn't even realized that we were off the ground until we were a ways up. The rest of the flight was quiet; peaceful, even. I had on the headphones so I could listen to the traffic control tower, which was also really interesting. We did a circuit – which included flying around a bit then doing a touch-and-go, where you land and then immediately take off again – and before I knew it the flight was over. Which sucked…I had heard great stories about this super exclusive in-flight club you could join, and I had hoped to apply for a membership exception since we weren't technically a mile up. 

Damn, maybe next time. 

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