The Fun Stuff is Not So Fun Without You

Frightened Rabbit – only quite possibly my favorite band of all time – released two new tracks today. The first, "Swim Until You Can't See Land", is an upbeat, cheery track, and if it serves as a hint of their forthcoming album (expected Spring 2010) we can expect it to be a bit cheerier than The Midnight Organ Fight. I'm all about change, but the poignancy and rawness of the songs on The Midnight Organ Fight affected me in ways no other album has. Ever. I hope they don't lose that authenticity.

And then I listened to the second song, "Fun Stuff". And my fears were for naught; with one listen, I was obsessed & felt the need to listen to it on repeat. Repeatedly. With much repetition. 

Fun Stuff – Frightened Rabbit

I took off my clothes,
She took off hers too,
With no fanfares and
No hallelujahs.
Throughout the night, 
I would grind
And breathe the truth.

There's nothing sadder
Than sad, sad sex,
And the bad, bad news
Is that I gave in
To the ugly hand
That first led me away from you.

AAH, the fun stuff is not so fun without you.

So I drink until
I fill my brim
But there's nothing that
Fills me up the same
As the tiny word
Broadcast across the sea.

And should I go out
To dance tonight,
Well my two left feet
Need you to right
Or I'll spin around
In circles endlessly.

Oh, the fun stuff is not so fun without you.

Well the city was born
Bright blue today
And I whistle through
The sunlit streets.
And my empty hand
Fell cold from under you.

And I'm quite alright,
I get by just fine,
I'm not depressed,
Not most of the time,
Just the fun stuff
Is much less fun without you.

The fun stuff is much less fun without you.

2 thoughts on “The Fun Stuff is Not So Fun Without You

  1. If it’s a streaming song you’re trying to get, you can use an app like TotalRecorder to record the stream as it plays, which you can then save as an MP3. I’ve done it many times until a track has become available by another means so that I could similarly wallow.

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