My Year In Lists

With the year – and hell, the decade – about to come to a close, I'm posting a few recaps of the 365 – err, 364, from today – days prior. You've already seen my music posts, and there's an epic one still forthcoming, but for brevity, here is

2009: My Year in Lists*

  • Number of trips I took: 24
  • Number of countries I went to: 5
  • Number of flights I missed: 3
  • Number of private chartered flights I went on: 1
  • Number of times I was yelled at by the Governor of California: 1
  • Number of photos of his State Seal combat boots I was able to take anyway: 4
  • Number of limos I hijacked: 3
  • Approximate number of times I've had to yell at my dog to stop chasing the cat: 4,398
  • Approximate number of times she's listened: 0
  • Number of birthday parties I threw for myself: 4
  • Number of states these birthday parties occurred in: 2
  • Number of boat trips I went on: 1
  • Number of times we ran out of gas on said boat trips: 1
  • Number of Giants games I went to: 4
  • Number of corndogs consumed at said Giants games: Sadly, only 1.
  • Number of foam fingers purchased: 2
  • Number of NCAA National Championships won: 1 (!!)
  • Number of movie premieres I went to: 1
  • Number of famous movie star Sarah's who complimented my outfit: 2
  • Number of toothbrushes I gave out: 2
  • Number of boys I kissed: As if I'm going to tell you that.
  • Number of times I fell in love: 1
  • Number of pets I had to say goodbye to: 1
  • Number of loves I had to say goodbye to: 1
  • Approximate number of times I listened to the song Rome by Phoenix: 1,397,398
  • Number of new apartments: 1
  • Number of streets between my old and my new apartment: 2
  • Ratio to the number of streets to the cost of my move: 1:500
  • Number of roommates I had (total sum): 3
  • Number of shows I went to: 16
  • Number of movies I went to: 2
  • Number of drinks consumed while watching "500 Days of Summer" on a plane. 4. (Maybe 5.)
  • Number of times I've threatened to move to New York: 12
  • Number of times I've followed through with this threat: 0
  • Number of days until 2010: 1.5
  • Number of hopes and dreams I hope to fulfill in this upcoming year: As many as I possibly can.

*with all due respect to Los Campesinos! and their amazing song of the same name.

One thought on “My Year In Lists

  1. “Approximate number of times I listened to the song Rome by Phoenix: 1,397,398”
    this is on my list as well!
    sounds like you had one hell of a year. I’ve found a lot of great music on this site, especially the “in the daylight” mix. Thanks and keep it up for a new year. HAPPY 2010

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