Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Item of Clothing?

So, you may be surprised to hear this, but I hate shopping. No, really. I do. Was all of those years of stupid fashion writing in Atlanta that finally did me in. That, and I prefer to waste my money on food & drink instead of stupid things like clothing. But lately, courtesy of LA and NYC and my much-more-fashionable friends, (i have been shopping) <– said in a hushed voice. And despite the fact that I'm brokey mcbrokeholio, as I existed in a fantasy world that included me flying around and spending money on things like Golden Globes gowns and I now have a credit card bill to prove it, it was kind of fun. Alas, all good things must come to an end, so am back to window shopping at Old Navy and wearing outdated shit. I'm cool like that.

BUT, in the past 6 weeks o' joyridin' fun, I got me some fun stuff, y'all. Including this shirt from Intermix by American Colors. Disclaimer: It wasn't cheap. But it is SO comfy, my go-to shirt, and I've received more compliments on it than ANYTHING I've ever purchased. From BOYS, y'all. THAT. DOESN'T. HAPPEN.


And so I ask you, my friends, on this Wednesday…what is YOUR favorite item of clothing right now? 


PS: I also bought it in the tunic version. Don't tell my Mom.

3 thoughts on “Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Item of Clothing?

  1. Being handicapped by my current non-existing paycheck, I have had to get creative with my shopping addiction. Favorite item of my unemployment? Believe it or not, I’m in love with my old school oversized grey sweatshirt. I cut the neck out so it hangs off of one shoulder for a disheveled (yet sexy?) look. For someone unemployed, this is the must-have wardrobe item. I can wear it with leggings, a bright tank top and Uggs, and it almost LOOKS like I didn’t just crawl out of bed.

  2. Oh! I was so surprised to see Dray here! Too bad he was not sporting his “lumberjack” shirt, as well. I don’t own anything worthy of being called “favorite”. Maybe one day. Even if I did it would be stained or smell of baby-excretion.

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