Aww, Yeah April! (Only it’s May. Whatevs.)

So April was busy, what with the leaving my job and travel and getting ready for the new job and oh yeah, that little trip to Hawaii wasn’t too shabby (nor was accompanying Kevin & Alex when they went on Jimmy Fallon. Yeah, I’ll stop now; I’m well aware that I’m being an asshole.) Anyway, in the midst of all of that chaos, I had put together the beginnings of my April 2010 Mix, only I didn’t post it because I didn’t love all the ordering of the songs on it. Then I decided to tweak it early May, and possibly have it be an April/May mix, but then I’d be denying you an entire month of music and I am bound and determined to do TWELVE OF THESE, and well, anything less just pisses my type-A self OFF. So. That’s that. Which leaves us to: It’s late May and here’s the April Mix, not perfect but hell, neither am I. It’s good enough, there’s some AMAZING songs on it (*cough* The National *cough*) and May is going to be even better, don’t you worry. So without further ado, download Aww, Yeah April! and find the track listings below.

1. Tell ‘Em – Sleigh Bells
2. Factory – Band of Horses
3. Tighten Up – Black Keys
4. She’s Gone – The Bird and the Bee
5. The Weekenders – Hold Steady
6. Afraid of Everyone – The National
7. Friendly Ghost – Harlem
8. Do You Mind? – The xx
9. Go do – Jonsi
10. Good Day – Jukebox the Ghost
11. Mexico – The Soft Pack
12. All to All – Broken Social Scene
13. My Life – jj
14. Hannah – Freelance Whales
15. Into the Open – Heartless Bastards
16. Safety in Numbers – Stars of Track and Field
17. Always Already Gone – The Magnetic Fields
18. Lemonade – Braids
19. Yes, I Would – Frightened Rabbit

3 thoughts on “Aww, Yeah April! (Only it’s May. Whatevs.)

  1. Yay! I’ve been looking forward to the new mix, Aubs, and it is most excellent (like always). No one’s perfect and spring is meant for transition. Now comes summertime when the fruits of the transition are to be savoured. Work hard, play hard.

  2. Hi Aubrey,
    Great to meet you today via Ryan Mickle on the internship posting on Twitter. Just found your blog and I love your sailor mouth. And your taste in music. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.
    Kristen P

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