Advantage, Aubs

OldSpice is doing a pretty brilliant marketing campaign. They’re responding via video in near-real time to Tweets. I was one of the lucky crew to get a response to my Tweet. 

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I hereby interrupt my Twitter hiatus to share with you this BRILLIANT marketing campaign from @OldSpice: than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Glad I went out of retirement for the right reasons. And yes, those right reasons are the chance for a hot shirtless man to reply to me via video. In his bathroom. SMELLING LIKE A MAN. 

Priorities, people. I may not have much else going well these days, but priorities: I CAN DO.

3 thoughts on “Advantage, Aubs

  1. Aubrey sabala I haven’t seen you in months now almost years and I miss you! I hope all is well with you in Cali. I do wish I lived there yet I think I may need to go to college first 🙂 I just wanted to post this because I was purusing the website and thought i’d drop in and say hello. The site looks great and you’re a wonderful writer, a quality I do not possess unfortunately but I’m doing well hope to see you soon maybe Christmas this year 🙂 write to me back if you can. And yes your little infant that you met in a crib years ago has grown up
    with love,
    Catie h

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