July Juxtapositions: The Summer Hours Edition

 This year, one of my personal goals was to create a new mix each month, partly because I liked the thought of having my year reflected in what music I was digging at the time, and partly because I like setting lofty goals that I have a good chance of failing at. (What’s the fun if your goals are immediately and easily attainable?) And despite my best & most valiant of efforts, four (six?) months in, I have to admit defeat. Which sucks, because I REALLY like winning/succeeding…blame the Type-A, makes-her-bed-every-day, organizes-her-closet-by-style/color/season, only child that I am. Though in my old(er) age, I also know where to pick my battles and this, in the grand scheme of things, is relatively minor. Let’s just pretend I’m one of those hoity magazines that does dual issues in the summertime so its staffers can go to the Hamptons. Or Betty Ford.

So, defeat not getting me down, a mere 2.5 months late, I bring you: “July Juxtapositions: Summer Hours”, the latest mix that started off as a May mix then quickly turned into May/June and now, well, we’ll just say I was on hiatus those months traveling drinking far too much champagne celebrating my birthday having minor nervous breakdowns being sad figuring out my life. You know, or something.  

Download July Juxtapositions: Summer Hours

What’s on this here belated mix, you ask? Only the best music I’ve been listening to lately. Most are new(ish) songs, though I was really tempted to put a few more tracks from The National since I’m completely obsessed with them these days (see strikethrough notes above for justification). But I’ll save that for another mix since not all of you feel like listening to what many describe as depressing breakup music on permanent repeat as much as I do. (You really should, though. The National are AMAZING.) Anyhoo, here’s what I queued up for you this month: 

1. Breakneck Speed – Tokyo Police Club
2. 11th Dimension – Julian Casablancas
3. In The Direction Of The Moon – Wolf Parade
4. Lights – Interpol
5. Younger Us – Japandroids
6. I Felt Stupid – The Drums
7. Fixed – Stars
8. Crash Years – The New Pornographers
9. Heaven’s on Fire – The Radio Dept
10. Shadows – Au Revoir Simone
11. Anyone’s Ghost – The National
12. We Did It When We Were Young – The Gaslight Anthem
13. Regina Holding Hands – White Denim
14. Skull – Sebadoh
15. This Orient – Foals
16. California – Rogue Wave
17. Pedals – The Love Language
18. Modern Drift – Efterklang
19. Go Outside – Cults

Enjoy! And you know the drill, if you like these songs, please buy the album as we wouldn’t have amazing music without our support of the artists. 

3 thoughts on “July Juxtapositions: The Summer Hours Edition

  1. Hi! I always enjoy your music lists — our tastes are very similar — so I wanted to recommend a band I love that maybe you don’t know about. (Or maybe you do?) It’s Frontier Ruckus. They have a new album, “Deadmalls and Nightfalls,” — the track “Silverfishes” is really good. As is “The Upper Room.” And everything else.
    From their previous album, “The Latter Days.” Oh my heck it’s good.
    (Thanks for introducing me to Fanfarlo, by the way! LOVE THEM.)

  2. Dear Aubrey,
    I’ve been following you for a few years now and I would like to say you’re awesome. Because of you I have been introduced to bands like Frightened Rabbit, Phoenix (OMG Wolfgang Amadaeus Phoenix is still my favourite album ever), Wolf Parade, Stars, The New Pornographers and many many more. Thankyou for the playlists too – I love finding new bands to listen to 🙂 I saw Mumford and Sons last month at the Eden Project in Cornwall (UK) and they were amazing so I am glad you have discovered the too. I just wanted to say thankyou and also in return introduce you to my fav band of the moment – Camera Culture 🙂 Hope you like.

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