An Ocean Not to Break: Aubs’ October 2010 Mix

Oct2010MixSo here we are, two days into November, which means I’m right on time for posting my October Mix. Really, internets, I’m not usually THIS much of a slacker. It’s just that I like to post the mix of the music I’m most listening to THAT MONTH which, you know, takes most of the month. Without fail, there’s always a few late additions, and this month is no exception. 

Standouts for October include ‘Big Wave’ by Jenny & Johnny (you know, Jenny Lewis and her darling fiance Jonathan Rice, who I saw at a private party during the Democratic National Convention and wow, they’re great.) While all y’all are chatting about the new LCD Soundsystem, I’m still hooked on their older track, ‘Someone Great’ because HOT DAMN, those lyrics hurt my soul. I spent FAR TOO LONG trying to rip the audio from a live version of ‘Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl’ because I saw Emily Haines perform it live at SXSW and someone else did it at Treasure Island this past month, and let’s just say that Emily’s version blew the other one out of the water. Also, it’s widely documented that I have a girlcrush on her. There’s also some older songs that I had to include, like Damien Rice’s ‘Lonelily’ (another soul crusher) and this version of DeVotchka’s ‘How It Ends’ that is really, really hard to find on the Interwebs if you have lost it. (Suffice it to say, my old external hard drives got some trolling.) AND, for your listening previewing pleasure, ‘Lover of the Light’, which I anticipate will be my favorite new song whenever Mumford & Sons release their new album. (Yep, unreleased. GO SEE THEM LIVE, they don’t disappoint.) 

As for the title of this month’s mix, “An Ocean Not to Break”, that comes from the lyrics of ‘Terrible Love’, The National’s song that leaves me breathless every time they end their concert with it. Which – after seeing them SIX TIMES this year (read: obsessed), was a lot.

So here it is for your downloading pleasure, “An Ocean Not To Break: Aubs’ Oct. 2010 Mix”. May it accompany you as you notice the changes in the air…the evenings getting colder, the days shorter, and leaves underfoot.

1. Angela Surf City – The Walkmen
2. Wait  Up (Boots of Danger) – Tokyo Police Club
3. Jesus – Dom
4. Big Wave – Jenny & Johnny
5. Autumn Sweater – Yo La Tengo
6. Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club
7. Someone Great – LCD Soundsystem
8. Wicked Blood – Sea Wolf
9. Love Lost – The Temper Trap
10. Lover of the Light – Mumford & Sons
11. Lonelily – Damien Rice
12. You Will Leave a Mark – A Silent Film
13. Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl (live) – Broken Social Scene featuring Emily Haines
14. The Lengths – The Black Keys
15. INTIL – Menomena
16. Terrible Love – The National
17. How it Ends – DeVotchka 

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