Last Leaf: Aubs’ November 2010 Mix


Yeah yeah. I’m late in posting this. Nothing to see here…

But MUCH to listen to. Since I’m 17 days delinquent with this post, I’ll keep it short and say that my November Mix rocks. It was actually finished well into November, but things have been that crazy that it remains top of my “To-Do” list and seventeen days late is truly a travesty. ALAS, here you go…”Last Leaf: Aubs’ November 2010 Mix

1. Dog Days are Over: Florence + The Machine
2. Kites: Geographer
3. My Body: Young the Giant
4. Fashion Party: Das Racist
5. Hard To Explain: The Strokes
6. Smother: The Interns
7. Girls With Accents: Fences
8. Holland, 1945: Neutral Milk Hotel
9. Last Summer: Pete Yorn
10. Waterfall: The Fresh & Onlys
11. Foot Shooter: Frightened Rabbit
12. Madder Red: Yeasayer
13. Anyone’s Ghost (Sirius XMU Sessions): The National
14. Last Leaf: OK Go
15. Dreamer: Tiny Vipers
16. Excuses: The Morning Benders
17. I Do: Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s
18. Winter Bones (live): Stars


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