Letters from Twilight Skies: Aubs’ March 2011 Mix

March is always a crazy month…prepping for SXSW takes the first week or two, BEING at SXSW takes another ten days, and then the recovery? Well, let’s just say that I’m sneaking this in on the last day of the month, and it was a challenge.

Speaking of SXSW, I feel like I didn’t get to discover as many new bands as in years past. Granted, I worked the first week, something like 80+ hours in six days, so by the time music rolled around all I wanted to do was sleep. Add an ill-prepared pseudo-Gluten Free meal and just sheer exhaustion, and I’ve painted a picture of musical mediocrity.

Though the bands I *DID* see were pretty awesome…the best show of the week was Middle Brother, the ‘supergroup’ made up of the three lead singers from Dawes, Deertick & Delta Spirit. They invited their bandmates up on stage with them for an afternoon show in a courtyard, and it was AMAZING. I stood on the back of a couch (literal couch surfing, in fact) and danced my ass off. A close second was The Naked and Famous, who I got to see twice, though really only remember one of them in detail. (Thanks, Ryan Mickle, for that seventeenth vodka soda.) That aforementioned night I also “saw” – at least some of which I remember – Alex Ebert from Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros performing a solo show under the moniker “Alexander”. Givers – a band from Louisiana with more energy than I’ve seen in a while – brought the fun to the Dickies concert (Yes, you got me, I just wanted to write ‘dickies’ in a post. Somehow. COMPLETE!) and I saw The Vaccines play twice at Stubb’s. (They were good, but played four and six songs respectively; I wanted more.) I avoided the night shows, because really, if I wanted to go see Kanye, I’ll pay for it, final confirmation that I am, in fact, old, lazy and grouchy. And possibly curmudgeonly. I’m ok with that. Anyhoo, you’ll hear songs from all of the artists I mentioned on this month’s mix, with the exception of The Vaccines because, crap, I’m just now remembering that I wanted to add one of their songs. Next month, I promise.

So here you go: Letters from Twilight Skies, my March 2011 Mix. (And that photo is from a sunset at Squaw in Tahoe in early March…unphotoshopped and taken with my iPhone.) ENJOY!

1. All of This – The Naked & Famous
2. Vapour Trail – Ride
3. Black Night – The Dodos
4. Listen to your Love – Mona
5. Think You Can Wait – The National
6. Belong – Pains of Being Pure at Heart
7. Skip the Charades – Cold War Kids
8. A Million Years – Alexander
9. Blue Eyes – Middle Brother
10. Too Young to Burn – Sonny & the Sunsets
11. Living in America – DOM
12. Letters from the Sky – Civil Twilight
13. Barnes’ Yard – The Royal Alberta Advantage
14. All Die Young – Smith Westerns
15. Shook Down – Yuck
16. Will Do – TV On the Radio 

One thought on “Letters from Twilight Skies: Aubs’ March 2011 Mix

  1. As a girl from Austin also living here in San Francisco, I sometimes feel like your playlists are literally coming from my head. How did you get into my head?! Either way, I’m lucky someone takes the initiative to put all the best new music into one downloadable list for us lazies out here! Thank you for always being in my mind. Sierra

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