Once again, comin’ down to the wire for my monthly mix, but hey, it’s been a pretty crazy month. We had Obama visit Facebook (my team was in charge of making that happen!) and then as the month ended, I can finally claim to have pulled an all-nighter by covering the Royal Wedding for E! Yep, my new claim to fame is being able to still speak in complete sentences on television without any sleep. (My Mom must be so proud.)

Regardless, some great new music made it into the mix this month…and yes, one cheezy-as-hell Rihanna song that I really wish I didn’t like so much. (I deleted Katy Perry’s “E.T.”…couldn’t maintain ANY music street cred with that.) I’ve been singing – actually, belting it out in my fabulous off-key voice – “Rolling in the Deep” nonstop, so of course it made it to the top of the mix. The lyrics of “Crystal Vases” are what got me hooked on this band, and like my friend Morgan, I rediscovered Admiral Fallow from “Squealing Pigs” inclusion in Chuck, one of my favorite TV shows. (I also got a hand-written note and DVDs from McG, the Director of Chuck, so that totally made my month as well!) My most exciting discovery, however, came (as it so often does), courtesy of my friend Jay Parkinson*, who introduced me to J Mascis.  The entire album is delectible, so go & buy it. Now. (I’ll wait.) You’re welcome.

So now without further ado, here’s “Next Things First: April 2011 Mix”  – ENJOY!

1. Rolling in the Deep: Adele
2. Something to Die For: The Sounds
3. S&M: Rihanna
4. Crystal Vases: The Last Royals
5. Colours: Grouplove
6. Must Be the One: She Wants Revenge
7. Need You Now: Cut Copy
8. Whirring: The Joy Formidable
9. Squealing Pigs: Admiral Fallow
10. Several Shades of Why: J Mascis
11. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise: The Avett Brothers
12.  California Sunrise: Dirty Gold
13. Exile Vilify: The National
14. Jesus Fever: Kurt Vile
15. Tamer Animals: Other Lives
16. The Stranger: Lord Huron
17. Corsicana: The Antlers
18. Ladder Song: Bright Eyes 

*He also took that kickass shot of his back yard when I was in Brooklyn last weekend that I’ve used as the album cover.

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