Well, hello there.

Hi. Hello. Welcome. It’s been a while.

Or maybe it hasn’t…maybe this is the first time you’ve stumbled over here. Which, to be precise, that’s most likely true, because here used to be there. But now we’re back here, so I suppose greetings, salutations, and possibly even an awkward hug or inappropriate ass-slap are in order. For the lucky ones, that is.

I’ve made the big switch to Tumblr, at least for now, as a way to consolidate all of the many things I’m doing on Ye Olde Interwebs. The ability to easily reblog (re-Tumbl?) was a huge selling point, as was the ease of set-up and the Twitter & other blog plug-ins. My smartypants friend Mr. Charlie Love (yes, his real name) kindly configured a design that I liked and BAM! Here we are.

Should you be reminiscent of the old days where I: 1. Posted sporadically 2. Didn’t know how to change the design 3. Wrote much better than I do these days, you can find all of the archives over here. (I seem to be having some problems with all of the archives loading, but am working on it, and may port that entire site to WordPress soon.)  I’m still (also sporadically) posting on Daily Tuneage, but will likely reblog that musical goodness over here, since I know how distracted one can get on the Internets.

OOH Look! The Shiba Inu puppies are back…

Oh wait, what was I saying?? Anyway.

Thanks for coming by, I’ll be adding things here a lot more frequently than in the past. (She says, trying to remember the adage about Best laid plans…) Feel free to ask questions above or send me suggestions in the comments. Or, should the spirit move you, request one of those awkward hugs. I’m taking applications.

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